Friday, December 3, 2010


Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel affair ???

  December 2, 2009

In an explosive, exclusive interview with The Post, Tiger Woods' alleged mistress reveals how she innocently came to meet the golf superstar -- and dishes sensational details about the rumors behind their reputed extramarital hookup.
'THIS is ridiculous. Not a word of it is true," Rachel Uchitel told The Post. "I told the Enquirer and Star that it wasn't true. I told them not only did I have information to disprove the story, but I offered to take a lie-detector test.
"It's the most ridiculous story. It's like they are asking me to comment if there are aliens on Earth. I found out who their sources were [Uchitel says she understands there were two sources to the story], which girls were blabbing.
HER SIDE: Tiger's rumored 'other woman,' Rachel Uchitel, in Beverly Hills yesterday.
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HER SIDE: Tiger's rumored "other woman," Rachel Uchitel, in Beverly Hills yesterday.
"The worst thing is that everybody in New York is talking about me and Tiger Woods now because their reporters have been calling up everyone I know or have ever worked with, asking what they know about the supposed affair

"It's just dumb stuff. I was happy to answer any of their [the National Enquirer's] questions, but they didn't want to listen to me when I denied it. I look like a home wrecker and an a- -hole.
"And its horrible to Tiger's family. His wife must feel horrible. The worst part of it, it's not true.
"That's a horrible thing to read: 'Tiger's telling Rachel he loves her.' It's just so dumb.
"[The source of the story] is not even a friend of mine. I've met her twice in my life. I've got some really horrible things that I can say about her and her past. I am toying around if I should go after her, because she's not a credible source.

"This girl was never around me for any of the time she was saying she was. If I was having some big, lurid affair, I would not tell this girl. It's just ridiculous.
"She got paid money to sell a story to the National Enquirer. I heard she got $25,000 and another girl got $25,000. The other magazines heard about it, but they turned it down because there was no hard evidence.
"She had a personal reason to make this up. She got herself invited on a trip that I went on [to Europe]. She conducted herself in a manner that was so embarrassing that the trip ended after a day. It was a total nightmare. I saw her again last week in Vegas. I was embarrassed by her behavior. She fell down the stairs at the restaurant because she was so wasted. She's a train wreck.

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