Wednesday, December 1, 2010

PRINCE of my Heart

Most annoying around dining table
Lovely mom repeated a same song
Worrisome miss traditional wedding
After a long stay in hospital

Dreaming a prince of my heart
Modern wedding plan in mind
But mom dreaming Sumatra prince
Traditional culture of ancestors

Insomnia in dilemma
Dying mom nor prince
Both I love most
Would never be wounded

Humming in hospital bed
Wish to inaugurated an Ulos scarf
And sing Borhat ma Dainang*)
Before going up to heaven

Dark cloud, flying to Sumatra
To bury her in ancestors yard
My cheeks never stop wet
Her dream never come true

But God answered our prayers
No more pain, she Rest in peace
Blessed me God, blessed me mom
Meet a prince of my heart

*) Good bye my dear daughter
Tortor and Rumah adat Batak
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