Tuesday, November 2, 2010


 If you won’t bad things happened to your life, be careful don’t ever did a bad things to others as well. It  was instantly came cross in my mind after a car hit my bike and I  rolling down over black asphalt one Sunday morning, October 24, 2010 at 8.30. Thanks God, I just got a small bruised in my left ankle and my left palm.

Shocked by the hitting, I shout loud, augghhhh……when I catapulted off my bike saddle. My sound still clear in my mind till today, 4 days later, when I wrote down this topic. Actually I drove slowly since so many cars parking in left sides of the road, as usually every Sunday morning, just between my church and Gunung Agung book store, at Kwitang, central Jakarta..

I had no idea why the car driver, a grown man carelessly and hit me when I sifted to the right lane, since the left lane occupied by a lots of cars parking.

The car owner step down, approached me say sorry and I refused when he handed me over  2 bills @ Rp. 10.000 ,- . Unbelievable, just such a value of human being. He didn’t think my body ache few days later or going to check up to the hospital or cancel all my activities caused by the accident ?

I didn’t argue the case, didn’t go to the police either after I make a short checking, found out that the back rims/frame unbalanced and can’t run smoothly. I walked down along my bike for a mile to Monas garden, where an old man run a temporary bike’s workshop. He spent 20 minutes for readjusting the every single of the fingers of the frames just for Rp. 10.000

I posted this case in Face book early Sunday afternoon when I reached home save and sound.. Some of my friends happened read mine , worry, asking how is happened and how is my condition, some just click I like it. Below  the list of my friends:

  1. Naning at Ciracas, East Jakarta
  2. Novitha Panjaitan, Ngabang, west Kalimantan
  3. Gokma Ria Situmorang, Bekasi, west Java
  4. Nia Erni Miha Balo, Tangerang , Banten
  5. Endang Pui, Purwokerto, Central Java
  6. Nana Juliana, Perrt, Australia
  7. Eny Susiol, Bandung, west Java
  8. Eii Sherly, Jakarta
  9. Diaz Diori, Bandung, west Java
  10. Woro Sudarwati, Jatimurni, Bekasi
  11. Nova Lubis, Timika, Papua
  12. Widiatuti Wijono, Cawang, east Jakarta
I spend a while thinking and made a short reflection, ultimately came up to several thoughts :
  • As an activist, I leaved the church services that I jointed regularly, especially on Sunday a whole day. This cases become a question :”Is this God reprimand ?” Even my head saved by a helm, but I think only God be able to save and extend my life, because  He loved me
  • Now I realized what the feeling and anger was being hit by a car as what happened when  I hit a young girls 2 years ago and hospitalized.
  • If the similar happened again just go to the police to handle the case
  • Is it a right choice to continue this kind of sport, in my senior age
  • 8 years ago a similar case happened in dawn Friday, when a motor bike hit the same, red bike and run away. The young Madura iron scrapes shops a long the road, in between Kelapa Gading traffic light and a gas station - helped drive me with his motor bike to the emergency room hospital, closed by for treatment
Jakarta traffic is one of  the worst in the world, so we should take a careful while we are on the road, especially on the main and busy road. Always take a left side and follow every traffic signs available

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