Monday, November 1, 2010


                                 With my beloved wife, kids & son in law

This is a legend story about two big families that kept believed it and kept maintained until recently in modern age, Situmeang and Siahaans.
Once upon a time, Situmeang’s ancestor giving birth to a daughter, a beautiful one in the village.

When she had grown enough, her parent set a plan to took her along to the forest far away and left her behind alone. She couldn’t find away home, she wander inside the big the thick trees. The parent left her alone just because of the beauty. It was the only reason.

Later, a man named Siahaan Hinalang hunting in the same area and met her wonder of her beauty. To make the story short, he took her along home to his parenting Hinalang villages and to be his wife. So the ancestor, the mother of Siahaan Hinalang was Situmeang, the beauty girls abandoned in the forest.

Siahaan ancestor had 7 children, Raja Sitolngo Siahaan who lived in Hinalang village the one who married Situmeang girl. That is why only Siahaan from Hinalang families called Situmeang as Uncle or Tulang in local language. While another Siahaans didn’t.

This legend story is a very interesting tale to tell children in bedtime from generation to generation, up until today in 15th – 17th generation. Siahaan girls who has married someone told the story as well.

In year 2000, I talked to someone in copy paper shop in North Jakarta Immigration office area, happened to be a Batak from North Sumatera island. After he knew my family name is Situmeang, his attitude changed a little bit and pay me a special respected as a costumer. He told that his wife is Siahaan from Hinalang, means his wife told him about the legend story too.

I still remembered it was late morning Friday after Thursday was a holiday, so many immigration personnel off, so nobody will serve me. This man took my document directly to Immigration head. He never help someone beforehand until meet the boss. And he make it, not necessarily I come down again on Monday.
All this happened just as the effect of the legend of beauty.

In daily life if someone man or women named Siahaan Hinalang meet Situmeang, they always acknowledge that we are their uncle and paid a proper respect as they honored their ancestor, Situmeang mother.

I also had someone as an elder in my church, Siahaan Hinalang always remind me that our relationship will affected only in traditional event. In church services and activities we are as a brother.

Interesting thing to know is that most Situmeang girls look pretty but not deserved to be left behind, left alone in the forest or in the desert because of their beauty.

                                                       Peggy Situmeang & Antonia
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