Friday, November 26, 2010

A bright STAR in the highest

A bright STAR in the HighesT
Kangaroo jump over to heaven, Bali island
On my way to Sultanate region, Yogjakarta
Next to Prambanan love's legend temple
And exotic Borobudur hinduism temple
Extend my study at Central Java

At Gajahmada University silent class
Eager in discussion group class
Always seated beside a brights's eyes girl
Behind multi color jilbab Moslem scarf
A pair eyeball who catch my eyes
Her aura sparkling star in the highest

Father's cheek redden schocked meet us
At Malioboro road side, a floor style dinner
No more going out nor birthday parties
The curtain drop close, no more play
The sky turn to dark night without a star

The class full of students, feel empty
Breaking news of star engagement
Sobbed shake my hand in the wedding
Seated to a stranger she never knew
From the stereo set, sinden singer, sing
Ing tawang ono lintang cah ayu.....*)

*) High above haning a sparkling star
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