Saturday, November 27, 2010


A chair beside me now vacant
Campus air con frozen my empty heart
Lonely among crowded
After jilbab's  girl gone away

My sad melody heard by a girl next door
Blossom rose most admired
Hold me tight from the back of the bicycle
Working homework till late at night
Her gaze warming my cold heart

Watering the blooming rose
Blowing a good smell scent
Youngsters come around the garden
I defend from fire and wild wind
Would the roses grow in a dry pottery

Dark cloud hanging over the sky
When she kiss me good bye
Whisper close, please write me soon
Would a rose blossom when I return

The study ended, a new life started
Going to the Capital holding a diploma
Train's wheel click slowly to the west
Her waves dissappear in the dark
Memory never forgotten

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