Friday, July 23, 2010


   Joko Pitoyo
Sunday service without Organ player something like a soup without the salt ingredient., sour taste. And singing quided by organ is a very basic requirement in a churh services, just like other facilities to backed up the whole services.

It was occasionally happened in a remote, small church at Tegal Alur, West Jakarta,  a post belong and under GKI Kwitang church management, located not far from Soekarno Hatta airport, bordered Tangerang region.
For a quarter of decade an organ player scheduled regularly from GKI Kwitang, 45 minutes away to the west, under Music commission. But sometime, the organ player didn't show up and the service must go on on time at 4.30 pm.

Fortunately, it was amazing these simple citizen, the conggregation of this  church - around 45  - able to sing the songs follow the tune quided by an elder. Mostly, I quided the sing rythm in the last tree year until last April 2010, when my service period was over.

Understand of this situation, for the last 3 years I had struggled to talent scouting someone who had a talent in Organ. Praise The Lord, I found  MrJoko Pitoyo, as foto above. I send him regularly to Kwitang church at Central Jakarta to be  trained regularly every Sunday noon. Miss Elly Kurnia, dedicated herself and promised me to trained him effortlesly. And our effort blessed by Him.
    Elly Kurnia

It was my function to contacted Mr.Joko to asking, remind him every Sunday to go to Kwitang and silmutaneously call the trainer's availibilty, asking her to trained, rehershal Joko regularly. In the other hand, Joko in the beginning called, asked me the availibility of the trainer before he stepped up to the Busway. I acknowledged that tree of us, Joko, Elly and me gave a special and serious attention to train Joko and had in mind, dreaming, that one day, at the end we meet our need, erected a new organ player, independently, not expected scheduled organ player send from big church anymore.
    Carolina, Me, Adolfina
Of course our friends, the elders in the post backed up our effort and at least they  supported by provided him the transport costs to come to Kwitang by public transport. At 3.30 pm  Joko will join me, the preacher and our group, 2 other elders, Miss Carolina, Adolfina and a organ player scheduled and a dedicated driver Mr.Fritsdiyanto

Ultimately, what we longing for long period of time, what we prayed for, answered by God. Mr.Joko Pitoyo
become a young organ player. For the first time over a quarter of decade, no more scheduled organ player send from Kwitang and Mr.Joko become a regular organ player in Tegal Alur post. Haleluya
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