Saturday, July 17, 2010


What places people try their best not to go, among other is going to the hospital. How convenience, how cool, how modern the facilities are, going to the hospital will affected our soul. Even in the cozy waiting room area, while waiting for treatment or waiting to see hospitalized's friend, we feel affected by the circumtances.

In the case that we are fall sick, after done a self help treatment by consumed a light pills or fluits,  but  ultimately unbeareable condition, couldn't avoid to see a doctor, no other option  but going to the hospital. Sometime, while waiting in the waiting room area, we feel blessed that we are not a serious one compare to others. Some of them drive a wheelchair or a clutch. While we are able to drive a car or drived by a family member.

I remembered once, in the morning 9 am, I come to see a doctor and will hospitalized for a night stay. Soon after a doctor checked, on the way to the registration desk, I asked by a nurse to sitep up in the wheelchair before going up to the 3rd floor, even I could walking alone. In the meantime my daughter, Peggy are in a rhus to go to the office. So, an employee drive me to my room, without someone of my family member beside me.

Even just spend for one night stayed, I can 't deny feeling lonely and sad. The feeling come up by someone sit beside me feel sorry and asking : "Are you come alone?". I said :"Yes, my daughter in a rush to her office", but my heart said something  else. Meanwhile, my  wife taken our granddaughter to school and only my daughter could take me to the hospital, unfortunately just untill the registration office not until my room.

Staying minimum 6 hours in the hospital is one of the regulation in my Insurance policy. Beside, a doctor analysis of the sympton should obey the insurance policy as well. A doctor couln't justify the analysis on their own and decided someone tshould be hospitalized. All based on Insurance policy, if not rejected to pay the hospital bills.

So whenever sitting in the waiting room 2 important things come up to my mind. One, I am blessed not in a serious health's condition compare to others. Second, be awared how importand is to keep a balance living between health food, avoid stress, regular exersises and consume what doctor prescripted 

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