Monday, April 5, 2010


                                           Pdt.Guruh after cleansing my feet
 Liturgos or MC announced : "Feet cleansing ritual will start shorly", she said while the committee members seated beside a small new pond just set up in the building. She continued :"The first group were commite members, to be an example" , she said and I stepped up forward take a seat with another 8 men.

Unexpectedly,  a young man with black shirts came in front of my seat and took a cup of water from the pond, cleansing my foot one at a time. After rubbed the water to my both foot, then he took a small piece of white linnen as a towel in his waist and dry up my feett. Then he get up to his feet hold me tigh and shake my hand.

Tree days later was Sunday or easter, a moment  after the morning service is over, I met him again and said : "I am apologized didn,t cleansing your feet". I felt guilty not serve him in return but prefered to cleansing another committee member. I continued saying :"I thought many other men eager and loved to cleansing your feet". He gave me a big smile and said : "Is ok, it should be that way", he said honestly with lips curved

I am cleansing Mr.Suparno feet

The cleansing ritual done yearly basis, 3 days before easter to copy what Yesus did to his diciples before he captured and crusified as a symbol of serving each other beyond their status. Like what happened to me.

It was rare that our own priest, Pdt.Guruh Sudjatmiko cleansing my fee
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