Monday, March 29, 2010


                                                      BRI Kudus, 1987
Ringgg.....ringgg.....ringgg....ringggg............ I wonder who is calling early in the morning while we are in the dining room. After 4 ring, slowly I walked down to the living room, grabbed the receiver. "Good morning", he said .  "Good morning too pak", I answer politely, since the voice so familiar to my ear.
"Congratulation pak Situmeang, you are promote to Surabaya, Pasarturi branch", my superior, Regional manager Bank BRI Semarang entuciasly speaking.

I kept quite for a second, I didn't know what to say, didn't believed what I just heard of..A second later I respond "Thank you pak for your support", didn't think if he had anything to do to my promotion.
Before he put the cradle down, he continued saying :" Remember me when you are become a Director", he end the conversation and the line off. Owww..... my Boss speak such a request ?. I don't believe it.

I standing still in the living room for a while and the phone craddle is in my hand, then awake after my wife asking from the dining room "Who is speaking ?", she said. I run  to her and shouting : "Thank Lord we transfer to Surabaya" and she gave me a hugg and a very big smile.

I recalled few months back then when the dedication.of a new Regional office building by Mr.Kamardy Arief, the Bank BRI President Director  at Semarang city, capital of Central Java. In the middle of the lunch, a group of 5 prime costumers of Bank BRI Kudus branch - where I was in charge - gathered with  President Director and me.

One of them said : "Bank BRI Kudus provided the excellent services lately", he said and the other four nodded and their lips curve with smile. My face reddend heard such a words under my nose. Few months later was the big news, promotion to a big branch.

I never dream off to sit down in capital city branch manager ladder  so fast, because  I had no networks  at high officials. I didn't joined the golf club yet in Regional nor head office circle, since I had always resided in a small towns.

My superior statement :"Don't forget me if you be a Director", I really don't understand and never dream off. What I am doing so far just do my best and always turn up side down the new branch to be the best in province level. In 3 years since 1984 my branch turn up to be number 2 of Bank BRI at Centarl Java province.

Eventually till my last service, my boss's dream to be a Bank Director never come true,  but I set up my own new company instead,  in rental business at Tanjungpriok port of Jakarta and be the owner and......of course as..the President Director.
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