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                                                        office and paddy field                                                       
A company owner complained about his down turn of company's growth in the last 4 (four) years. He approached his priest, Immanuel Adam and asking him to pray for help his company's condition. With smile the priest had nothing to do with the business, just praying.

                                          Ibu Maris (center) over 75 signatures
After a thorough reflexion what really going on and spent a long praying, he came to a conclusion and find a breakthrough way out. He step down as a CEO and replaced all high level officals accupied by his own relatives (My group members). For so long, his family turned down every proposals to hire the new professional staffs, worrisome if the new ones will endanger their positions.
                                          Johsy, Joris, Rosna, Ricky
The owner replaced by his own young sons, a new management team and agreed upon to hire the professionals, the specialists to team up the company's operation. He  send the families home instead  with  a promise would share the profit if the company produce a profit later on.  

Eventually, the owner and his sons  policies   were a very good one and just in a very short period of time, the company turn up side down and produce a  very  huge income, ten times  from  previously. Consequently by hiring, inviting beyond te family group, smarter then them,  produce 1000% profit.
                                                      Harry, Dwi, Wahyuni, me, Anita

This testimony told not by a wellknown Management Consultant company such as Mario Teguh, not Pak Teguh Haryanto but by a priest Immanuel Adam    who lead a sermon in  Alam Borista, last Tuesday, March 16, 2010 in a gathering of my church members especially region 1 and 2 attended by over hundred participants.

The case not only happened in the business environment, but also in church  or in any organizations  as well. For instance, in a Church organization, a music department invited everyone to joint the music dept. But the invitation not pure or sincere, welcoming everybody as we may guess.

In a selection period of the new candidates, the old group in no doubt rejected someone beyond their group with any reasons, such as the voice not fitted to one of the choir voices group (solo, alto,tenor nor bass). But the real reason not technically but he/she is not belong to my/our group. 

The gathering this time set up in a ideal theme "Building Cooperation with caring in Involvement", to remind the members from region 1 and 2 to create a climate to welcoming a person beyond my group, even with different opinions. An interesting part of the sermon among other thing is  an assumption  of "my group" like a body not just consist only  of hands or only eyes. A complete body are needed head, eyes, ears, head, feet etc. Diffreent parts but all in one body.

Some kinds of games as shown in the photos are the game in order to strengthen the unity , cooperation and involvement such as shipping building from newspapers, collecting signatures of participants by asking the names and the uniguenes of every participants to be remembered, holding a light candle while walking up the hill till enter to the big gathering room in the 3rd floor building.

The gathering rented 4 medium size buses besides a lots of private cars occupied a conference room before going down in many outdoor games in terraces, hills, rivers, paddy field. The participants  eagerly joint the sermon and the games as well. In this opportunity the members  introduces each other participants exchange in the game in a friendly weather, not so cold here in Borisca, just outside in the hill of Bogor town.
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