Sunday, February 7, 2010


                                                   Mosul city, tigris river, Irag  
Sunday school children told the story about Nineveh, interesting tale to tell where Jonas refused to obey God's command to go there to preach the people to repent their sin, in order not to be destroyed that Big city of 20.000 inhabitants in ancient time. It was a very big city indeed. In the very city king Nimrod built a tallest tower on earth, The tower of Babel as a sign of God questioning availability

The story of obedient to God and repent of the sinners behind Jonas story of Nineveh had told to congregation as well regularly in the sermons. But up until some of us didn't know well, where the hell the location of well known city of Nineveh in recent century?. Similar question of American citizen asking where the hell Indonesia in the map ?

When Jonas ran away from God by sailing along Tigris river, God then captured him, had the ship wrecked and Jonas drowned, swallowed by the Big fish. He stayed inside the fish's belly for few days before thrown up out of its mouth and landed in Nineveh. By the miracle he then obeyed and continued his task as God told beforehand. And succeeded.

Nineveh was the capital of Assyrian empire, located in the east of Tigris river about 50 miles from its mouth and about 250 miles from Babylonia now Iraq. Today the ancient ruins are located just opposite of the present day city of Mosul, IRAQ second largest city built on the western side of Tigris river . The whole extensive space is now one immense area of ruins.

In above map we saw Nineveh in Assyria - not Syria - now one province of Iraq republic and bordered to Persia country or Iran Republic. The blue line from North to South was Tigris river, crossing Nineveh and Mosul city, Iraq. Far in the west of we saw Mediterranean Sea and Canaan - now Israel - and South of Israel capital, Jerusalem.
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