Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Some say that an event happened just as a coincidence. But for me, based on my faith, itsn't. I don't think so. Let me tell some of my testimony that I had written in my Biography, Life Journey, November 2007
edition.      Aloon aloon Bandung

My first professional Job was in the Rubber enviroment, since my father bussines were as a Rubber trader, Rubber smoke house and transportation related to Rubber. I entered economic Gajahmada University Yogjakarta, Central Java and met a student, named Gibson Simanjuntak, where we lived in the same house,
Jl.Pringgokusuman N0.8 Yogjakarta.
                                                                                                            Jambi city

Rubber factory
Soon after graduated, I worked in Rubber company, P.T.Panatraco, Jakarta and then assigned me at Jambi branch, South Sumatera to built a Rubber Factory. In daily operation I had drive a short type Land Rover Jeep that regularly maintained in a Bengkel Trio, Car Workshop  belong to Mr.Pangaribuan, happened to be my friends's brother in law, Mr.Gibson Simanjuntak above and later to be my father in law.

In Christmas holiday the dauhgter of Mr.Pangaribuan and his wife Pasti Simanjuntak took a long holiday at Jambi along with Mr.Gibson, her uncle and my good friend, on his duty to Jambi from his company Total oil. I met and introduced to a tiny girls, Rauli Pasaribu, to be my loved one, married and the mother of my four children.

My Alma mater Gajah Mada Univ

I took the Jeep to her father's workshop, met Mr.Gibson, a good friend of mine was not a coincidence. Since we met December 1969, she couldn't kept her hand off me. The first meeting was not coincidence but God lead my life to go and worked at Jambi, the Rubber center where I had a lot of experiences working helping my family's bussiness in Rubber, since my childhood. God orchestrated my destiny through two mayor catalisators, one Rubber and the other is meet Mr.Gibson at Yogjakarta city. 

When I was studied at Yogjakarta, Rauli lived at a Catholic dormitory located in the street on the way to my Campus, Bulaksumur, but we never met. God hold it for a while in His time. I  spent a wekend holiday with her uncle and friends  to Bandung, west Java where she moved to a highschool there, try to meet her in the Chatolic dormitory. Unfortunately, dormitory's door closed for us and a Nun didn't allow us to enter.
8 (eight) years later, God said, now is the perfect time to meet for the first time, at Christmas 1969. All the events as told above were not a coincidence, but God had orchestrated and choose her for my wife, not another gir,.for the rest of my life.
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