Friday, January 15, 2010


Palestinian countries was a far away from Asia, but almost every single day we see and read the News about them, most of the time were the bad news about the war, civilians victims, fences/wall building, refugee misery, never ending peach talks and all head of the countries come in a less heart to heart talking to a final settlement, especially about the territories for both sides.

Up until today I had imagined how Palestinian governed the two separate territories belong to Palestinian authority separated by Israel land, Gaza strip in the west, at Mediterinean shore and West Bank in the east. In Clinton planned, it was draw a long line (red strip) between two territories pass across Israel land.

And Jerusalem city located in the border of West Bank and Israel, the both Government selected as a Capital for Palestinian  and Israel as well, where Tel Aviv, the old capital formally had been moved to Jerusalem, a new capital. This city known as a holy city to the tree faith, Jews, Christian and Moslem.

The war never ending where, when the Old Government, Prime minister  replaced by  New Government in Israel as well as New authorities in Palestinian. United nations, the big countries, Arab leaders all tried to participated in the peach talks. While the peace talks went on, cease fire signed, the Jews Government didn't even stop built the wall, the fences and the new settlements for its citizen at disputed territories. The Palestinian authority canceled all the peach talks until Israel stop the New settlements development.

In the mean time bombing high rise building, civil housing, intifada and war sporadically emerged in any places and civilians had the most victims who occupied the hospital beds. Building smashed by bombing caused Palestinian citizen more hatred and economic ruined, even more Israel blocked the access road to outer countries for food, oil and International aid

      Israel fences
The wall and the fences building made a more difficult access to get the jobs in Israel territory. Recently, the number of Palestinian workers diminished but they kept going to get the job in Israel, including in the projects of settlement development, that Government and personally they hated so much. But in order to afford the families and the salary far higher then in their home country, they had no choice but kept working in Israel land.

What we can do in Indonesia, just to push our Government and the Parliament of a biggest Moslem countries in the world to spare their time, to paid special attention and effort to participate in every opportunities as a United nation member, Moslem countries member nor Bilateral meeting to support, help Palestinian authorities in all resources might be available. And with prayer, may peace will be in Palestinian land soon. Amin.

After read the New Book Son of Hamas in March 2010, described the story since Hamas established before Intifada first erupted in Gaza. Hamas Organized Islam movement in order to a new Palestinians state, firstly without weapons, just stone or tire burned. In other hand, PLO headed by Jasser Arafat not Moslem based movement but Nationalist. 

Up until recently, the peach agreement not so easy to settle by United Nation, Obama new Government, Arab world organization. In the holy places war never ending, blood shredding, crying especially Palestinian citizen. We never know when its ending.

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