Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Early morning the cold weather using creme short and sport shirt, the sun just show up over Arta Gading Mall building where I had pedalled bike regularly with a group of younger bikers. The ring louder out of my short left pocket, I turned my bike left in front of  Mall entrace to see the words in the monitor, asthonised to read a short message said :"I am apoloqized for held a meeting last night, it was "Lancang" and bla bla with long advices

"LANCANG" was not Indonesian National language but generally understood as intentional wrongdoing. The words originally coming from Javanese. The Indonesian dictionary,  Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia's transaltation quoted :" its as a rude talking to older people".

Trapping fishs
A previous day, a grown, unmarried girls,  insisted very hard to meet me, to discussed somethings, but not mentioned a word whatsoever, what was the matters, what kind of the agendas to be talking about. I had known her for 7 years or more in a community,  so I had try myself to avoided discussed with her.

She had the habit of hars talking,  trapping, schocking, mooning, forcing  people to come to the meeting unprepared and she became a hero in between the two parties involved. Besides she tend to mixed up to other people bussiness not related to her department.

She had the habit of saying "sorry" in many occasions just to covered up her wrongdoing, harsh talking, didn't think twice before speak up, never took any consideration in advance what others, especially olders hurt feeling. The other side, sometime kept quited, though, itsn't the proper place and time to discussed, hars talking, especailly related to someone faith. But she, full pride, high self esteem, will say whatever come out from his heart, from his mind, from her throat. Didn't care what the affected to other parties involved.

                                                          The alligator

In December 2, 2009 I had gotten 7 x rings in my mobile phone from her alone, but I ignored all of it, not interesting to chatting with this slim, black skin grown  girls. I had imagined how her reaction were, emotionally murmured something out from her small mouth surrounding by her friends. I had though, in order  to pleased one side, her side, she had promised  that she was in a capable position to called whoever she want,  to come instantly as she want it and at her time setting, at at any placed she pointed and her hidden  agendas.

Since I was kept quiet, she lost her nerves and her small fingers pushed the keypad and send short massages instead. In the first and second message she didn't mention what the agendas was and didn't informed who will atended the meeting. With her full esteem she set the time and place. That is it. Since I had ignored her so far, in the third and fourth she came up with two names who would join the discussion. He had in mind and thought I would be scare not to come, as other members happened to obey her. She didn't not throw the towel yet. In the fift  message she told what the agendas was and the other side's name, where she took side.

Just to comfort her, I had a reply, very short message written :" What was your status to summon parties". She didn't respons directly to  my message, sisce she had no authority to do so in our community's rules. Ultimatedly, she had failed to summoned 5 person, just 3 of them.  A man and herself  in one side and a Parishioner as a middleman. Two others from another side wouldn't consider to show up. That was why
her last message was sorry as shown in the first paragraph of this Blog, aplogized for held a meeting without any authority to do so.

Aploqized for intentional wrongdoing plus extra long ill advices, I quessed were not coming from her deep mind, heart and feeling. "Lancang" itself was an intention and not proper behaviour. Is that why for the time being  I had punished her not to forgive her. To give her a lesson to behave.
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