Monday, October 12, 2009


                                          Soerendro, Siaji, Miss Siaji, Martono, My wife, me, Tahir Selo 

As long as you working hard and honest, superiors never turn away and paid serious attention to your performances, attitude, honesty, social relations. But never ever forget office politics and inner circle of management environment.

"Mr.Situmeang, please don't forget me if you become a Director", my superior, Mr.Martono called me at home early in the morning, after he got an information that Boards promoted me from medium size Bank branch  in Kudus, central Java to big one in Surabaya, the capital of East Java.
I never dream of that in one day or another I will occupied a fancy office,  become a Bank manager, even more as  a Bank BRI Director ???.No way.

And I never try a special things to attracted my superior's notice in Regional or Head office what I was doing in my jobs. They just knew that I was doing my duties very well and....better than the other Branch managers. Its were measured by numbers of Income Statement and Balance sheet every single year. That is why I was selected as one of 25 managers  sent to Manila, the Philippines for Branch managers training, when my status as a Branch manager for the first time.

    Me, Permadi, German APPRACA

I was very happy at that moment when Mr.Permadi, Pres.Director came to Manila and witnessed a small ceremonies for a gift of an Ulos Batak, slung over our organizer shoulder from APPRACA, Germany co financed the training. Its happened since 4 among 25 Branch managers were Bataks.

After return to my Branch in Atambua I working very hard again in financing a New agriculture program of Lorosae, to grow corn's seed for entire East Nusatenggara province for the next season. And the productions sufficient for all district's need. At the same time loan paid off 100%, right after the harvest time.

                                          Soegianto, Hartono and Me

Mr Solichin GP, a minister level dedicated the harvest time accompanied by two BRI Directors (Mr.Hartawan, Mr.Sugianto) and Mben Boy, East timor Governor. We stay overnight in Betun village in shortage of facilities, no running water, no Air con.

My superior, Regional manager send a request to  Bank BRI Head office in Jakarta, suggesting to reward me a certificate for this program. Eventually, the boards promoted me from that remote, small town to manage a bigger size  Branch at Kudus, in central Java. Its become a breaking news, as a big jump of the ladder. Usually, BRI custom, the transferred happened from small town to other islands beyond Java.  This promotion not solely by this Lorosae program but also by my hard work shown in Branch performances for 3 years in a row.
     Soegandhy, me, Hutapea, Panjaitan

Before I leaving to Java island, I feel very happy to get an opportunity to build a new Office Building and a new house for the manager in one compound next to Pasarbaru market, Atambua.  Previously the office operated in a traditional house. My family also rent an old, a very simple one. The Logistic Director, Mr.Sugandy came to Kupang to supported and monitored the development of the project

As a General affair manager in BRI Regional Office, Kupang, I was bought a land in a hill, with nice view facing to the ocean, to built a new Regional office building. In dedication of the new Regional Office a Director, Mr.Torang Sitorus came to Kupang and meet the Governor as well.

                                           Photo: me, NN, Torang Sitorus
The board noticed just in 2 years I succeded to buy a land for Regional Office Building and buy a land and built new Building for Office and manager house replacing the old one in Atambua, photos below

    Upper : Old offie...Below : new one

The question is why my position stack still in a Deputy General manager before retired ? To reach to 5 highest ladders as a Board of Directors, something like a Giant enter to a needle hole, only selected and excellent candidates will passed. Not only by performances, skills, strategic thinking, networks but needless to say political aspect as one of the preconditions as well.

Its my honor when President Director step in to my room when he visit Regional office Bank BRI Kupang while my status as a General affair manager. We chatted for a while before all the managers summoned in the meeting room. One year after this visit we meet again in Manila, the Philippines.

    Me, Permadi (Pres.Dir)

The bottom line is as long as you work hard and honest, superiors never turn away and paid serious attention to your performances, attitude, honesty, social relations and don't ever forget office politics and inner circle of management environment.

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