Monday, March 17, 2014


Mrs Rismaharini

A woman, a new Mayor in Surabaya city, East Java, Indonesia struggle very hard to closed down a legal prostitution compound in this second big city in Indonesia.
Surabaya city is a large international harbor, most of the sailors spend their time visit this location while in the city after sail for some time.

Gang Dolly ditutup 2014, warga prediksi kemiskinan meningkat
Dolly, prostitute compound

Surabaya city, East Java

Mrs.Rismaharini, the mayor intend to step down after run the city 3 years of 5 years period. The pressure from the local parliament members  reject her plan to closed it down or they vote for impeachment to let her go.

The parliament members reason is how then the fate of the prostitutes and many business related, if they drive them out from this special location, might be they will mix up with with the households in the middle of regular houses in the city or they loosing theier source of income. Municipality have trained the prostitutes to switch profession to many kinds of business.

The wellknown mayor talked to the prostitutes face to face, heart to heart lots of time and knew well why they spend their life in this sin job.
Mayor asked one among the women, age 60 years still serve the costumers :"Who are your costumers?". The answer shocked her heart broken. "The school children", she said an add: "They are below 15 years old, pay Rp 2.000". Rp 2.000 equivalent of US.$ 20 cent.

The Mayor then promised to the prostitutes and the business related in this special compound that she will take care of them if they stay in the city under her administration.

The Mayor manage the city from her heart and soul. she  dedicated herself to keep the city the better place to live, garden everywhere and teadyness. But in the other hand many politicians dislike her until she repetead publicly her intend to resign. Until one day, in tears she reminded her family not to question or charge someone in the court if someday she is dead or murdered.

The welknown location name is Gang Dolly had been operated for decades and many students are prostitutes also make the Mayor heart trembling about their future.

So many appreciation coming from Indonesia and abroad to appreciate the management of the city who care much to the poor and needy one.
Every early in the morning before going to the office, she purposely going anywhere in the city to look over unusual sight on the way. She will stop to handle the problem rigth away not waiting for tomorrow.

She is become one public figure in top high official in the contry to be rely on hard work and clean in between many politician and official corrupt.
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